Only 1 audio track on downloaded media files

Hi, I am a long time Yatse user. I have had the app for years with different local HTPCs as registered devices, and now I have recently my Emby server as a device. I have noticed that when i download media files which have several audio tracks, only one displayed in the media reader (I use VLC). I am not sure if i need to configure anything (and where in that case: Emby server? Yatse?) to download my media with all audio tracks.
I believe this is probably a user issue so i am not sure i need to provide any logs, but if so, let me know please and i’ll just do that. Happy also if anyone can point to a post where this has been raised and solved already - I couldn’t find any; Thanks a lot!

Be sure to read How to get debug information and open a proper issue to provide necessary logs and information.
Any issue without the logs can be automatically closed without further notice.

Issue description:

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You are always supposed to provide logs as the template says :wink:

Either Yatse downloads the file without any change or if you transcode it ask the audiotrack you want and only keep that one due to server limitation on transcoding.

Thanks for super quick feedback Tolriq. Noted for next time, i’ll provide the log, i was so damn sure this was due to a user issue :slight_smile: Right now i have removed Yatse and will reinstall it during the week end, i’ll see if the issue persists or not