Offline sync of entire music library


I miss a feature to offline sync the entire music library to the local device. I’d like to tell yatse to sync all available music and then automatically download any new music if the kodi library is updated. Right now it seems my only choice is to download each artist/album or song manually (there are more fun things to do than the few thousand clicks required for that) and then remembering to manually sync any new music I add to kodi.

I’d like an option to make all music available offline by default, and then the ability to exclude the artists/albums/songs I do not want offline.

Thank you for an otherwise awesome app!

Excluding things is not in the plans.

Plans are to extends current TvShows smart sync to music artist and genre.

So you will be able to automatically download new songs from configured artist or genre.

Thanks for the fast reply. That will certainly help, but since I use yatse to sync my music library to my phone a sync-all option with optional blacklist would be more convenient. Feel free to ignore my request if it doesn’t fit with your vision, or add it with whatever priority you want to your backlog, I just wanted to voice the idea :slight_smile:

Exclude is not possible as Kodi changes Ids of items randomly. Even to add support for artist i’ll need to do hacks by checking multiple things to be sure it’s the correct one.

Not talking about how to easily manage such configuration for end user. Opt in smart sync is easy to show on the artist or genre page, opt out is really hard to display and follow for the user.

Next version will have smart sync expanded to Artist / Genres.

That’s all I can propose for now but should still fit most of your needs.

Thanks, that will certainly be an improvement :slight_smile: