Offline Smart Sync for files rather than TV Shows?

Smart Sync works great for TV Series, but I have some folders of adhoc videos which I’d like to use the same feature, I understand it doesn’t understand the next episode, but my files are numbered so happy to use the “name” as the reference.
Is this available now (I can’t see how to do it?) or do I need to submit a feature request?



This is not possible and not planned as you suggest.
Smart sync will always be tied to library mode. In the future playlist will be extended to support smart playlist, so you’ll be able to activate smart sync on a smart playlist that contains all media from a specific library or source.

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Hi Tolriq,

Thanks for the response, I look forward to the furture smart playlist option, sounds like it will do what I need.



Apologies if I’m missing something, but how do I close/mark this topic as answered?


Because you did not post in the support section :wink: It’s now moved.