Offline medias missing after reboot

Issue description:
When I mark some audio albums for offline they get added to the Android Media Library, so Shuttle ( sees them and can play them.
However, upon reboot all the media’s are gone, even though the files are still available in the offlineMedias directory of Yatse. But for some reason the Android Media Library ‘forgets’ them, and so also Shuttle doesn’t know about the files anymore.
(Luckily) I have a playlist in Yatse with all my offline audio tracks. So when I press the download button in Yatse again for that playlist it asks to resume the download. This only takes a few minutes as Yatse sees it already has those files offline. However this is still problematic as (1) I would have to do it after each restart and (2) Shuttle looses state of all files so favorites, recently played, recently added info is gone in Shuttle.
It’s not a Shuttle specific problem as the ‘local device’ in Yatse shows the same behaviour, after a reboot only a few whatsapp media’s show up until I redownload the same media files.

I also looked for an option to move the offllineMedia to another directory such as ~/Music/Yatse (hoping that doing so would resolve the problem), but it’s unclear to me how to do that, as the configuration screen does not seem to allow to select a specific directory (see screenshot please))

It’s a bit difficult to invoke this for the debug log. Steps I did:

  1. enable debug log when the media files where still in the Android media library
  2. reboot
  3. verify all files are forgotten again.
  4. redownload all files
  5. verify all files are seen in both Yatse (local device) as Shuttle again.



Yes this is an Android 10 bug without a solution and they do not seem to care.
For Android 11 I won’t even be able to add to media store and their new limited API will even more prevent me from doing everything I need if not stored inside Yatse.

What are the features of that player that are missing in Yatse?

It’s not really features that the player inside Yatse is missing, it’s rather the switching between playing to the local device and to Kodi (through the cast icon) that I find a bit cumbersome at times. Although I often enjoy beying able to switch what I’m playing from Kodi to the local device and back. The issues I have, all of them small:

  • When I know for sure i will not have to switch between local device and kodi it is just quicker to start playing music using Shuttle (start shuttle, choose album vs start Yatse, tap the cast icon, select local device, choose album. Double the amount of interaction if the album is recently added)
  • A while ago my kids were watching something on our Kodi which I was controlling for them, while I was listening music using Yatse (with the cast icon to the local device). My kids asked me to switch to another tv show and afaik I had no way to access the kodi remote without stopping the music on my local device.
  • I find it a bit annoying that the ‘Available players’ popup vertically expands, making the ‘click-target’ for ‘Local device’ move on the screen when you have a few devices in you network (I have 3) which takes a second before they are detected. I always worry to click on the wrong device because ‘Local device’ jumps to another position on the screen. (I think that could be fixed by showing the popup on the top of the screen and only expanding down so that new device are added to the bottom and deivces which are already found, including the local device, don’t move on the screen)
  • I have Yatse configured to automatically switch to offline mode when Kodi is not available. This is useful when using Yatse in the car to listen to music. However, when at a location in the house with bad wifi this can cause Yatse to enable offline mode, but then, at the moment you press play on an album, find Kodi and start playing the album on kodi instead of on the local device

As I said, these are all small issues, but these are the main reason why I’d prefer to just use Shuttle for offline play.

Wouldn’t it be possible to store offline music in the global Music directory? Wouldn’t that fix the issue?

4 instead of 2 is doubling but it’s also only 2 more clicks if automatic offline mode does not trigger and same amount if you are offline :wink:

Casting and controlling as the same time is not possible because the cast target could be controllable too, like another Kodi or Roku TV. The logical choice was that remote control, controls the active player because it’s what you are looking at usually.

Cast jumping is an issue that bothers me too, but never took time to workaround it :stuck_out_tongue: Will increase priority.

For the flaky Wifi, not much I can do unfortunately.

And no storing data in the common music directory does not solve this, it just triggers a millions more issues on Yatse side for it’s sync system, mysql support and everything related for videos as the subtitles.
Android have killed those starting with Android 10, and it’s worse with 11, they refuse to admit there’s needs other than their limited list leading to an absurd situation.
So yes I could download to music, but then you’ll loose all the nice Yatse integration and it’s clearly not worth it.