Nvidia Shield TV (Android 11) + Remote Starter: Shield is starting, Kodi is not starting

Issue description:

  • Nvidia Shield TV + Remote Starter for Yatse v1.0.4 + Kodi v19.3 (connected via cable to Router) -
  • Motorola Z2 Force + Yatse v10.11.6 (connected via Wifi to Router) -

How to reproduce error:

  1. Started Remote Starter on Shield manually to start the server (Settings see screenshot)
  2. Send WOL from Z2 to wake up shield and start kodi works once (Yatse settings see screenshot)
  3. Exit Kodi on Shield
  4. Send WOL from Z2 again => Kodi does not start
  5. Shutting down Shield
  6. Send WOL from Z2 again => Shield starts but Kodi does not start
  7. Open Remote starter App on Shield manually
  8. Send WOL from Z2 again => Kodi starts again
  9. … same behaviour from 3. /4.

My Impression: Starting Kodi via WOL works once and does not work again until restarting Remote Starter manually

adb connect (shield)
adb logcat

see attached file
nvidia-shield-tv_kodi-not-starting.log (1.2 KB)


Additional information:
Shield Android TV SW-Version: 9.0.0 (
Android Version: 11

I guess you updated your Shield to Android 11 :frowning:

Google in it’s infinite wisdom have blocked that function even on apps compiled for previous versions.

I’ll try to add the new very very intrusive new permission and complex enabling for users, and will pray that the Google Play team accept it to not finish like the call plugin after months of tries.

I own the shield less than 24h. It did some updates but I was not aware that the update has been a major update. I check the version as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help.

See Versions in first post

So yes it’s the last update from yesterday :frowning: Will update my shield and try to find a workaround.

Well seems like a miracle Google actually validated the update in a matter of minutes.

You can update from Play Store, you need to start the application and grant the new mandatory permission.

Works. Thanks for the quick help!