Now playing background in landscape is different than in ortrat mode. Why?


Many Many Many thanks again for developing this awesome app!

I’m using the app on my phone as a remote and on my tablet as a kind of home automation dashboard wich will run the Yatse app in now playing mode as soon as my htpc starts playing something with Kodi.

When the tablet is in portrait mode, I see the thumb from the video that is playing (this is the way I like it) but in landscape mode, I see a wallpaper of the addon itself. (Youtube, Netflix by example)

Why this behavior? I like to choose and prefer the image of the thumbnail as now playing background.

I hope you do understand what I mean…

Cheers, best regards,

Yatse displays the fanart in landscape when there’s a fanart as a fanart is made for landscape :wink: A poster does not looks good in landscape.

If addons returns their fanart instead of the media fanart, then addons should be fixed. Nothing I can do on my side as no way to know if a fanart is a fanart or a fake fanart.

Thanks for your quick response.

I’ll understand that a poster doesn’t look nice in landscape. So for movies and series, fanart in landscape looks nice.

Thing is for addons like YouTube by example, the thumb of the playing video has the same form as the fanart and I’ll prefer that…

But I can imagine that this is hard to implent as Yatse cannot see the difference between a movie and a YouTube video…

Any other thoughts on this one?

Ask the addons authors to fix their code :slight_smile:

They should not return their own fanart as part of the currently playing media, they are not related and should not be present.

I have no way to know that something is putting wrong data as a fanart.