Notification not spawn if Kodi is playing

Issue description:

On one of my devices yatse isn’t showing the notification if kodi is playing automatically. If i start yatse manually the notification is created but if i leave the network or clean the app the notification isn’t shown again.

On a other smartphone in the same network there is no problem. The notification is created if kodi is playing something.


since it seams that yatse isnt running in background i think there is no logging but i will provide some if needed

Additional information:
Kodi is running on git about on 1 Month old but the problem is present since Kodi 18

Both devices are running LineageOS 16 not older than 1 Month and are rooted
Working device is a OnePlusOne
Not working device is a Sony Xperia XA2
Only difference is a newer kernel and 64-bit on the Xperia

On both devices the battery-safer is disabled for yatse

Just as a hint: Using the official Spotify-App show the complete opposite. The notification is always showing on the xperia and on the PlusOne only if the app is started

As the template says logs are mandatory. There’s absolutely nothing I can tell without it, except that your device is probably doing something :wink:

One way to force the OS to restart Yatse is to use a widget.