No thumbnails showing in Yatse

Issue description:

I have a movie and a music collection on my linux server in a local network. Although I can connect to kodi from my android phone via Yatse Pro and control it succesfuly, there are no thumbains for either the movies or music.

If I try to go to Settings -> Library Settings -> Expert -> Manage Cache then click “Thumbnails” and “MUSIC” then process will always stop to 3%.


See attached files: the zip file is the yatse log, whereas kodi.log is the one from linux.


No thumbnails:
Fetching thumbnails stuck:

Additional information: I installed the yatse kodi addon, just in case, but that didn’t change anything.

Let me know if you need any other information. Thank you for your awesome work! (210.9 KB)
kodi.log (121.0 KB)

getImageInputStream [] failed with http: 404

Your Kodi send wrong image urls, you may want to restart it and rescrape your library.

For the fetching it’s the same issues it stops after too many errors, just strange that it did not show a message about it.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Weird, I had already uninstalled and reinstalled kodi, twice actually, and this did not solve the issue. Also cleaned the library… Any other ideas?

I will try to do it again tomorrow in any case.

Try Kodi 18 RC2 :slight_smile: In all cases Kodi won’t do support for 17

I installed the prerelease but the problem persists. I uninstalled kodi and every left over file (used locate kodi and removed every single thing) including cache, configuration files, etc. I also deleted the data from yatse. Then, with a clean install I still have no thumbnails for movies or music.

I also made sure the port 8080 is open in my router.

Any ideas? Are you sure this is not related to yatse?

Thanks a lot

EDIT: To answer my own question, it seems that indeed this is not related to Yatse. I installed the official kodi remote control and I see no thumbnails either. I’ll ask at the kodi forum. Thanks.

EDIT2: Yup, tried kodi from another computer, yatse shows album art, so definitely a kodi issue.

I do Kodi stuff since 9 years and participated actively in the API construction of it :wink:

So yes I’m always sure about what I say :slight_smile:

But for your special case, I have no idea as it’s pure internal to Kodi not API related :frowning:

You may want to provide Kodi team logs when scraping your data, for the music part if you post in the music library I’m sure Dave will have a look :slight_smile: (At least for V18)

Fair enough, I’m convinced :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insights, hopefully I’ll figure it out at the kodi forums.

Do not hesitate to post back results here as it can help others.