No thmubnails of new TV-shows

If I add a new season to kodi, yatse won’t show the thumbnail of the new season. At the moment I can’t create a log. But perhaps, the issue is already known.

I always needs logs both Yatse and Kodi. There’s never a known issue.

Thank you. But do you know, why all thumbs are ok just the new one won’t load? In every folder there are two pictures (folder.jpg -> banner and fanart.jpg -> fanart).

As said I need logs :slight_smile:

One possible explanation is that your new season is on another broken source as the FAQ says.
I could pass tons of hours writing suppositions, or read logs and tell you exactly the issue in 10 seconds.

I’ll choose the second solution :wink:

If I choose a local thumbnail manually, yatse also show the thumbnail. After that, I can delete the local file and the thumbnail is still ok.

Well no logs no more details :slight_smile:

But you have a problem somewhere on Kodi side, and if you want to stream those file you’ll probably also have an issue.