No streaming to local phone?

Issue description:
Old purchaser of an early version, I recently reinstalled Yatse, Yatse legacy unlocker, and Yatse stream plugin (not sure if necessary in this case), but I still can’t find any way to play on my phone the videos that are on my kodi box.
I figured I should have, along with the ‘play’ button that does play on the Kodi box itself, another “local play” button that would stream the file and/or play it on my phone ?

Also, when I download an episode, I can’t find a way to play it in Yatse. It’s still the good old ‘Play’ button that plays on the Kodi box.

I’m probably missing something obvious, and am very sorry for that, but my “search-fu” couldn’t help me find a solution on the forums, so I’m desperately posting my problem.

I took the logs of running Yatse and going to an episode view but not local view button. Not sure it show in the logs.

Is there a way to confirm that the Yatse app properly found the legacy license and the streaming plugin ?

Edit: I’ve also added the Yatse plugin to my kodi, just in case it makes things better, but it didn’t change anything.

Logs: (10.4 KB)


Additional information:

You need to select the player in the cast menu.

This is explained in the Wiki and in a few places in the forum and in youtube videos.

Thanks a ton for that quick answer.
I always see that icon as the “chromecast” icon, and didn’t click on it.

Got it working now thanks to you.
Once again, sorry for my silly question and glad you answered so rapidly.

Thanks Tolriq,