No Seek bar in Yatse with Kodi Fork ZDMC 20.2

Due to a system change I am now using the Kodi fork ZDMC 20.2. unfortunately Yatse only works to a limited extent. When I start a movie, I don’t get any control buttons displayed. I hope that I am expressing myself reasonably clearly. I only have the directional pad at my Home sreen. the seek bar does not appear. (2.1 KB)

HTTP FAILED: Failed to connect to /

Configure your Kodi correctly as per the wiki.

Kodi should be ok.
kodi.log (202.6 KB)

Zidoo (ZDMC) is using a externel player, if I change back to the Kodi internal player, everything (yatse)works fine, but the disadvantage is that I can no longer watch Dolby Vision,
this is only possible with the external player that Zidoo uses.

Well there’s no magic in apps. If Kodi stop answering with external player then I can’t control it by magic :slight_smile:

Nothing I can do here.

Many thanks for your time and effort.