No more permanent previews with Libreelec

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Issue description:

I moved months ago from Kodi on OSMC to Kodi on LibreElec (always on Raspberry Pi3) because of much much much better stability with Kodi 18.x.
I use the system only for music (about 9.000 releases).
But now on Yatse if I download the album and artist previews from Setup -> Media -> Cache Management, it all goes fine without errors, but if I go out of my home wifi (for example if I want to see some albums of my collection outside at the bar with a friend of mine), i.e. without connection to the LibreElec home system, I cannot see anything of the collection, while I was able to see everything (albums and artists photos, artists stories) when I was on OSMC system.
What is the problem?
Isn’t the download to Yatse really supported by LibreElec?

Thanks in advance and kind regards

As template says no logs no chocolate.

If images are seen in Yatse they are ok.
You probably use so called optimizer apps that delete Yatse cache as they think it’s an optimisation to have data downloaded more times than needed.

I’m home but I reproduced the problem:
I switched off local wifi.
After a brief navigation previews lost.
Activated logs.
Re-downloaded previews (it was very fast this time).
Re-switched off wifi.
Previews lost again very quickly.
Logs deactivated.
Logs sent by email and also attached here. (8.4 MB)

Logs don’t show errors so the app cache is probably cleared by something like OnePlus optimizer.

Can you make a video showing the issue ?

It’s veeeery strange.
I bought OnePlus 7T at the end of last year, and before I had a OnePlus 6.
For years and years I used quite happily Raspberry Pi2/3 + OSMC + Kodi; but with Kodi 18.x on OSMC it all became veeeery unstable and unusable (I suspect for the big table given by 9.000 releases, but I’m not sure): Kodi stopped reproducing music after 5-7-10-15 minutes, more or less, but EVERY TIME. But never a problem with the offline preview cache. Only a few months ago (about April or May) I moved to LibreElec, always with Kodi 18.x, and I discovered that it is perfectly stable while listening to albums. The only flaw is that sometimes, after days and days of not using the Raspberry, I have to restart it, but that happened even with OSMC. But after a few weeks after the migration, I realized that preview cache wasn’t working at all. But it worked perfectly before!
Anyway I’ll try to do a video… I’ll have to ask someone to lend me another phone. :slight_smile:
Someone else here with Raspberry + LibreElec + Kodi 18.x + Yatse and that can try a test? :slight_smile:

FYI Librelec and OSMC users on rpi represent like 50% of Yatse users.

You can screenrecord directly from OnePlus no need for other device