No corresponding tv shows found

Hi, I have a problem with voice search. If I say (in italian language) “riproduci Rick and Morty Stagione 2” the result is correct and streaming begins on kodi (on firestick). If I say “Riproduci Shameless Stagione 2” the result is “no corresponding tv shows found”. If I say “Riproduci Shameless Episodio 1” the streaming begins and it shows season 3 episode 1. In the folder I have season 1, season 2 and season 3, but with vocal search it recognizes only season 3. All the files have the same name structure and with the normal search (no vocal) the app works fine. So, how is it possible that it does not recognize some seasons of some tv shows? How Can I solve? Thanks. (3.9 KB)

Provide the mandatory logs that the template you removed said was necessary ? :slight_smile:

Anyway if you do not give the episode number what do you want Yatse to do? Just say the episode number and the season number?

Sorry, I wrote wrong, I meant that when I say “riproduci Shameless Stagione 2 Episodio 1” (for example) it says “no corresponding tv shows found”, while if I say “riproduci Shameless Episodio 1” it starts and shows season 3 episode 1, so I can’t start episodes before the last season using vocal search. The problem happens also with other tv shows, but for example it works fine with Rick and Morty tv show.

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I’ve added the proper show detection on Dialogflow side, please try again.