Next Episodes Lists w/ Plex

Next Episodes list in Yatse Home screen is not reflecting what is “On Deck” in Plex for some shows. Currently 3 series on Plex being watch. On Yatse one Next Episode went back to S1E1, one is missing from Plex to Yatse and one is correctly syncd. Additionally it looks like it prepopulated the Yatse list with S1E1 of some of my old series.

In settings > General > Video Player I have selected VLC.

I cannot find a way to edit the Yatse Next Episode list nor fix the errors. Any thoughts?

Without logs and more details as the template you deleted suggest it will be hard to tell anything :slight_smile:

Yatse does not use Plex data but it’s own way of doing thing for multiplatform.

Is S1E1 is not watched then it will be shown as next episode. For the rest I can’t guess what your data contains.