Newly enabled SmartSync on TV-shows does not sync


Since a while back even if I enable SmartSync on TV-shows they do not sync automatically. The UI indicates that the sync is activated, but new episodes are not automatically synced.

The TV-shows added before the version that enabled SmartSync of Artists/Genres still syncs normally. When that version was released I added SmartSync on all my artists and Genres (but most of the songs was already downloaded, so I don’t think it actually synced anything at that time).

I activated debug-logging and disabled and re-enabled SmartSync on a TV-show that was not syncing, but since I wanted to check the log myself first I answered ‘no’ to the question if I wanted to archive and send it.

In this log I found messages from SmartSyncManager, and the last few lines from SmartSyncManager is probably of interest:

2019-05-19 10:30:46.931 Verbose/SmartSyncManager: [email protected]: Handling Fantastic Children (Artist) [true/-1]
2019-05-19 10:30:46.932 Verbose/QueryBuilder: [email protected]: Query: SELECT artists._id,artists.updated_at,artists.host_id,artists.external_id,artists.external_data,artists.compilation_only,artists.date_added,artists.date_born,artists.date_died,artists.date_disband,artists.date_formed,artists.description,artists.fanart,artists.genres,artists.instruments,artists.offline_status,artists.play_count,artists.sort_title,artists.styles,artists.thumbnail,artists.title,artists.user_rating,artists.is_favorite,artists.source_library,artists.type,artists.gender FROM artists WHERE (artists.external_id=?) AND (artists.host_id=?) ('691','2') [0 in 0.27ms]
2019-05-19 10:30:46.933 Error/SmartSyncManager: [email protected]: Artist not found!

After this SmartSyncManager stops logging. So my theory is that SmartSync silently stops processing if it encounters an error, could this be correct?

I tried to disable SmartSync on this artist, but I was unable to trigger SmartSync logging in the debug log again, so I don’t know what happened.

I still have a copy of the original log, I don’t want to publish it publicly, but let me know if you need it and how I should send it.

Let me know if you need anything more!

I always need full unedited logs :slight_smile:

And not your theory is wrong :slight_smile:

Reproduce again and click yes is the easiest way :wink: Or send as PM here.

Logs and step-by-step description of how they were generated has been sent. Thank you for your time.

Thanks will be fixed in next release.