New area in Yatse

I was thinking of a new app to complement a part of Yatse that I miss. As long as it doesn’t interfere with or compromise Yatse’s control and running content. You know the movies playing at the cinema? or something like that.
Movies in theaters.
Generate an area that recognizes and displays the entire user collection and presents a brief synopsis and a slideshow image.
Movies available on kodi to watch on another device for example in the same list of movies on kodi.

I’m sorry but this is not very clear :frowning: Can you maybe provide some drawing or more clear explanation of the request ?

The idea would be a slideshow linked with the kodi user’s personal movies list.
But that shouldn’t interfere with the running movie.
For example: on a tv, kodi has a slideshow showing the user’s entire list of movies as in the movies in the theater outside the exhibition room. Already in the screening room, the projector on the same kodi showing a movie chosen by the user to watch.
For those who are not in the session, know the possible films to be seen in the next exhibitions.
I don’t know if I explained it very well?

More or less, but yes it’s more for an another app than for inside Yatse sorry.

ok, I got it! okay! no problem.