Netflix Addon cannot be controlled via Yatse

Series cannot be started with yatse.
When I click on a series I don’t get to the season selection. (Yatse).
Kodi only shows the load symbol and nothing happens after a few seconds.

When I mark a series and click on “Display on Media Center” the view changes and I can see the seasons. I do the same with the seasons and now I can select episodes.

This is a bug in the Netflix addon :frowning:

“filetype”:“directory”,“genre”:[“Mysteryserien”],“label”:“Altered Carbon – Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm”,“lastmodified”:"",
“mimetype”:“x-directory/normal”,“playcount”:1,“rating”:0.0,“resume”:{“position”:0.0,“total”:0.0},“runtime”:0,“season”:1,“showtitle”:“Altered Carbon – Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm”,“size”:0,
“title”:“Altered Carbon – Das Unsterblichkeitsprogramm”,“track”:-1,“type”:“movie”,“year”:2018}

It says that the shows are:


The addon also says that it’s a directory but since many addons also have bugs, the general chosen way is to rely more on the type then the filetype and since there’s no real API to talk to addons devs have to make choices with what it returned.

Correct solution would be that the addon author fix that and return the proper media type.
Please contact him and direct him to here if he wants more details.

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Many thanks !
I’ll contact him immediately.

Blockquote Do you know if you’ll be able to manage that before v18 final or should I add a temporary hack on my side in the mean time?

Could you do that?

I could but since he will fix and Kodi 18 is not out I won’t add temporary code that I’ll have to maintain.

Just have faith in that dev :slight_smile:

Since it’s taking time I’ve added a workaround for new Yatse release …

Beta or the stable version ?


I found another bug. If I select the episode 3,4,5,6,7,8 and then 1 and 2 he doesn’t play it correctly in the row. He starts with 1 instead of 3.
Can I post this here or should I open a new thread?

New issue new logs :slight_smile: