Mysql library error during syncronization

So I have 3 kodi instances in my home, 2 are currently being used. #1 is Kodi_Server running Ubuntu 18 and mysql. #2 is a media media box. Both are setup correct to communicate with each other. On my Yatse, I set my #2 Livingroom to have a master library of #1. When I refresh #2 I get “error during synchronization”. Attached is log, what am I missing?


Kodi have an internal error without Kodi logs it’s hard to tell.

I suppose both the hosts are using the exact same Kodi version?

2018-08-06 08:09:22.167 Verbose/KodiLogger: --> POST (334-byte body)
2018-08-06 08:09:22.167 Verbose/KodiLogger: --> [922] {“id”:156,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“VideoLibrary.GetTVShows”,“params”:{“properties”:[“episode”,“genre”,“rating”,“originaltitle”,“studio”,“year”,“plot”,“title”,“playcount”,“art”,“imdbnumber”,“premiered”,“votes”,“tag”,“file”,“dateadded”,“mpaa”,“lastplayed”,“sorttitle”,“watchedepisodes”,“season”,“cast”],“limits”:{“end”:500,“start”:0}}}
2018-08-06 08:09:22.174 Verbose/KodiLogger: <-- [922] 200 OK (7ms, 78-byte body)
2018-08-06 08:09:22.174 Verbose/KodiLogger: <-- [922] {“error”:{“code”:-32603,“message”:“Internal error.”},“id”:156,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”}

I can get Kodi Logs when I am home, but which unit, the server or the box?

Yes all are running 16.1

The one at

Ok I will get in a couple of hours

got a solution for the synching problem?
Same problem for me :frowning:


Shoot I should have updated this. It was a scrapper issue.