Music: support crossfade, gapless playback, playlist creation

I have been using Yatse from the early start as remote for Kodi. But the last 2 years I have also used it to continue watching video on my local device via Yatse.

And now, Yatse is slowly becoming an even bigger part of my daily life: an additional music player, in addition to Spotify, by streaming music from my Vero4K to my Android device.

Since both Pi Music Player and Foobar2000 do not have the ability to use a UPNP source as library (Foobar can playback from the source but you can’t set it as your library), I thought let’s give Yatse a try and I was surprised to see how well it works already! I use it A LOT now, playing my FLAC albums on my phone without storing them :slight_smile:

I have to say Yatse is already a good music player, intuitive and pleasant for the eyes. There are however a couple of features that would make it great for frequent use:

  1. Support crossfade between tracks. This really is the only feature I absolutely miss.
  2. Gapless playback. I miss this one too…
  3. Add (and remove) songs to a (new) playlist
  4. Save the current now playing list.

It is already possible to queue songs, the playlist features therefore make a lot of sense. It would be amazing if these playlists would become part of the Kodi library but I fully understand that’s not how it works or what UPNP Library is meant for…

Any chance these features will be added?

  1. is not possible with the player I use
  2. is already present.
  3. & 4 is planned but Kodi API does not allow saving playlist there and have many issue with duplicate files queued on some cases for music. Yatse addon + Kodi 18 should open the way to have playlist handling at least at Yatse level.

For the record Yatse does not use UPnP at all to get Kodi data.

Thanks for the quick response!
Just out of interest, does Yatse get all data via JSON requests?

Yes it does :slight_smile:

Alright, I was hoping to install Bubbleupnpserver on my Vero, so that I could access my UPNP library when I’m away from home. I thought Yatse would be able to access my content this way. But I understand I simply have to setup portforwarding and Yatse (with my external IP setup) should be able to work out of my home network just fine, right?

Is there a good chance cross-fade will be possible in the future? Or is the player you currently use the only one that qualifies for now?

Yes port forwarding with strong passwords or VPN would be better, Kodi is not really secure :frowning:

Crossfade have little chance to arrive seeing the comments on the player I use, and I have no intention to migrate to something else as it’s robust and maintained by Google :slight_smile:

How do I get gapless playback to work? Thanks

It’s automatic please open new issues :slight_smile: