Music Queue random play

If I put 2 or 3 albums into the music queue, is it possible to have them play in a random order?

Press the random button in now playing? :slight_smile:

the crossed arrows, thanks, never knew that.

It’s the same button in nearly all Android apps as defined in material guide.

Any other idea how it should look like as you are the 2nd this month to ask?

I guess on that page I expected that button to either be a repeat (loop) or play next track option. I was looking for random play options in the queue page where I can see all the tracks, not the now playing page where it shows just the current song. My reasoning was you can’t randomize 1 song, but many as in the queue page.

Ho yes makes sense if you ignore the limitations of Kodi API :frowning:

The toggle is a global Play Random button, that play randomly in the queue. There’s no API to randomize actual playlist, and Kodi API to deal with playlist have many bugs / limitations that leads to duplicates and impossibility to deal with active song depending on Kodi version that doing it from Yatse side would result in way more issues.