Music-Library Sync with Kodi

Hi! I’m using Yatse as a “portable library tool on the go” to know, which movies, tvshows and music tracks I have on my NAS. For example, I have a “Ballroom” profile, where I store all my ballroom tutorials, ballroom movies and ballroom music.

Right now, to get a current version of all my ballroom music, I do the following steps:

  1. start Kodi
  2. log out of the master profile
  3. log into the ballroom profile
  4. sync the ballroom files to Kodi
  5. clean the Kodi music library
  6. start Yatse on my mobile phone and select the ballroom profile
  7. long press “music” and wait, until the sync is done
  8. go to settings → library settings → expert → manage cache
  9. click on “thumbnails” and “fanarts”
  10. press “music” and wait, until the image-sync is done

That’s a lot of steps for just keeping the music tracks up to date. Is there way of simplifying that?


Not really Kodi profile support is limited. (Means absent from API pov)

The only thing you can do is change the port / password of webserver for each profile in Kodi and create matching hosts in Yatse side, this will prevent any unwanted sync between profile and Yatse side.

Is there a way of automatically downloading all images to the cache and syncing with Kodi at the same time?

No there’s no such option, unfortunately image sync requires a full scan and is very slow and cpu intensive it’s not wanted most of the time, hence not present.

Ok, then I’d like to raise a feature request. I mostly use Yatse as an “on-the-go” library and everything looks nicer with downloaded images. It would be great, if every host in the host manager would have a flag “automatically download posters and fanart for tvshows / movies / music when syncing”. That would save some time for me.

Then open one in proper section :slight_smile: