Music library not shown

Issue description:
The movie & tv show items are being shown in the app, not the music however

Logs: (4.9 KB)


Additional information:

Kodi runs on Nvidia Shield and the movie/tv show/music library sits on a NAS
The Yatse app is on an Android 10 mobile phone
I cannot figure out why the music is not being shown.
Please help. Thanks.

You are talking about Kodi but logs are for Plex?

I do not see a music sync attempt, please generate logs when swyping down in the music part to force a sync so I can see the error.

I don’t understand why Plex is being mentioned in the logs. I do not use Plex. At least not consiously :smile: I know it is present on the Shield box, But like I said, I do not use it. Might it be that Yatse on the mobile device is connecting to Plex in stead of Kodi then? How do I set it to use Kodi in stead then? I just presumed it would work out of the box…

Never mind. It turns out that the initial setup of the host must have been using the Plex profile. Now I deleted this host (changing it to use the Kodi port did not work) and added a new kodi host. It works now. Thanks.

Yes you can’t just change port as it’s completely different protocol.

But Yatse connects to what you indicate it to :slight_smile: First setup shows all found type of hosts with icons and text that should be clear about the type of media center you connect to.

If you even get to reset Yatse and find that screen confusing please tell what so I try to make it more clear.

The screen to add new host i perfectly clear. I originally just must have chosen Plex unintentionally I guess :blush:

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