Music Library browsing by Genre is not showing "Various Artists" entry

My music library is fully tagged with Genre, artist etc.

When browsing by Genre, a list of all Artists with albums in the Genre is displayed. In some genres though, many albums are by “Various Artists”. I just noticed that there is no entry for Various Artists in the list, hence those albums become ‘unreachable’ when browsing by Genre.

Is it possible to configure Yatse to display a “Various Artists” entry in the ‘artists’ list when browsing by genre? or is this a bug/missing feature?

A typical use case is with the “Children’s” genre where it’s common to have albums by Various Artists.

I haven’t noticed this issue before, even if I have been using Yatse for many years.

No logs, no details it’s hard to answer :slight_smile:

All depends on your Kodi version and some Yatse filters and the content of your Kodi database.

Will capture the logs :slight_smile:
But I thought maybe “Various Artists” is treated in a special way by either Yatse or Kodi and there could be some setting in Yatse to change behavior (is there one?)

This is with Kodi 17.6 (OSMC).

I haven’t tested with Leia yet. I expect OSMC stable will be upgraded to 18.1/18.2 sometime in the next couple of weeks.

You can hide the compilation artists starting with Kodi 17.

But as always Yatse displays what Kodi send :slight_smile: Upload your MyMusicXX.db file and give an exact repro steps.

So seems it was a Kodi side issue thanks for the logs, giving the details and linking your Kodi side post :wink:

Indeed! And Dave is just awesome. He is one of the key reasons why Kodi is such a great project.
Thanks for following up!