Music: Display Number of subelements for entries


It would be nice to have visible numbers of each subelement for each entry. This includes the Albums, Artists and Genre view. The number can vary, because Yatse is configurable to go to either Tracks or albums when selected.

A few images to clarify what I mean. This is the artist view, where the red circle is, there should be a number displayed (e.g. number of elements for “2 Unlimited” (14 tracks in this case)

This is the result when “2 Unlimited” is selected (14 element/tracks):

The same should apply to the other views as well, here another example for Genre (which display the albums when selected, 1 here):

and the view after:

(Of course the position of the number could be at another position, I just wanted to provide an example)

Thanks for considering this.



This is not really possible due to the unlimited possible filters in the subscreens.

Thanks for your reply.

Ah okay, I didn’t really consider the filters, don’t use them myself (yet). I thought that the number of elements is probably cached in the DB. Would it work if no filters are used (e.g. just show a count of all elements)?

Well no as I’d still need to make a tons of checks to see if there’s any filter and it would slow down and would make the value not always visible without users understanding why.