Music browsing="Albums"missing, "Artists" missing

I’m sure I must be missing something, but I can’t find a way to browse my music library “Artist” list. I also don’t see a way to browse my music library “Albums”. My music is all on HD connected to Kodi on my Android box.

I see I can browse a few recent albums but AFAIK I can’t find a way to browse my Artists.

If this isn’t there, please add this, as its how I choose what to listen to. Browsing “files” is not much fun.


You have hidden the relative tabs in the settings …

Just unhide them and they will be present between Overview and Genres :wink:

Hi, thanks, much better!

The only thing is it seems it chooses Artist over Album Artist… In Kodi I choose the option to not show multiple artists from one album… On a “various” album, its listed under “various”. Also I seem to have about 10 Franz Schubert artists listed… Probably from classical albums which have several artists…

Is there any way to make it place Album Artist as the displayed artist only, like Kodi? (If there is no Album Artist tag it would still show the artist named in the Artist tag)

Thanks again,

Check the corresponding option in the filter dialog for artists;)

You may want to actually read the Wiki and the settings you touch :wink:

Excellent, perfect, thanks.