Music Artist/Year sort order

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Issue description: Just Started using Yatse on an Android tablet, I have set music album view to Artist Year, which works but it appears to show Artists in ascending Alphabetic order and the album year in Decending order.

Is there any way to have the year in Ascending order ?



Additional information:

Not possible for the moment it use the order most asked for.

May I ask why you want that, there’s so different many ways to browse music with Yatse that could maybe better fit your needs.

Thanks for quick reply

I have a fairly large music collection (2000+ albums) with many artists having 20+ albums, it is how my music is displayed in Kodi and I just prefer it that way round.

using the app I search for artist which displays their albums and I can then choose to queue the album(s) I wish to listen too.

It just seems sensible for the albums to be listed in ascending chronological order

all the albums are correctly tagged and are a mixture of flac and mp3

when kodi displays albums in artist/year sort it uses the year of the final track of the album as the year field, does yatse use the same criteria ?

If you search for artist why don’t you just click on the artist name in the artist view?
You then have all it’s albums that you can sort on any criteria.

And sorry but the vast majority of users prefers descending to listen to the most recent things, that what was asked for that option that is very specific about being in the full album view then sort by artist.

To be honest I do not understand the need for that kind of sort, if you want to listen to an artist use the artist view :slight_smile:

Once again thank you for the prompt reply

First off neither of us are right or wrong, how someone wishes to view a library is an entirely subjective personal preference. I personally store my physical collection of albums in ascending alphabetic order of artist and within each artist ascending chronological order of album release date, and I simply would like the option to show all the album view on yatse in the same order. I dont wish for you to completely reverse the existing option which as you say most people apparently prefer, simply an option to have it either way round.

As I have about 2500 different artists spread over about 2000 albums there is no way I can easily just click on an artists name without a lot of scrolling.

As you say once I have got a list of an artists albums I can indeed sort that any way I wish, so the whole issue is somewhat academic.

I was just surprised at the artist/year album view as the standard album view on kodi with the option of artist/year does the opposite to your artist/year view, [it is alphabetic artist and ascending year] I had just assumed they’d be exactly the same :slight_smile:

Thanks for making a good useful tool

Yatse is very different from Kodi :slight_smile:

  1. I’m fully user driven so often do things different from Kodi as it’s what users wants and can often do more things than Kodi UI.
  2. I support many other things than Kodi.

Anyway as said the order for that special use case is driven by user asks.

But I still do not understand your need.

I have 4400 albums and 3500 artists. Sorting albums by artists is barely readable, in all case you have to scroll a lot to get to the artist you want and it’s quite difficult to find it.

In artist list you can scroll and directly identify the artist as it’s bigger + use the search button in top action bar to quickly find the artist by just tapping a few letters.

And no the issue is not academic that option is currently stupid and should not have been added :wink: But for the moment I do not plan to remove it, but won’t add another one for just 1 user.
Reproducing physical ordering in digital app makes no sense thanks to search that is always faster.