Music - Album Info pop-up does not properly handle long album names (no scrolling)

Issue description: this problem was introduced a while ago (maybe a year or two) but I never had the time to report it. In Music, Classical Albums tend to have long album names, for example “Brandenburg Concerto Nr 1 in C Major Op 1234”. In Yatse, browsing music, after locating the album and clicking on “(i)” (Info), I see a popup like in the attached screenshot.

As can be seen there, Yatse uses a very large font that can barely fit one or two words, and on top of that, it’s impossible to properly scroll the Album name to at least be able to read it in full via scrolling

This is on a Samsung S10, Yatse 9.3.0, Android 9

Logs: N/A - see screenshot.


Additional information:

Logs are always necessary :slight_smile:

Custom ROM? Custom DPI? Custom font size? Screenshot is not even complete to see ratios issues.

Standard / official Galaxy S10+ ROM, nothing changed at all, just a vanilla device with the default configuration. SW is up-to-date with all official updates. (Android 9, OneUI 1.1)
I include a full snapshot. Seems to be a font size problem. The font is huge and doesnt handle long album names well. Album names for Classical can be VERY long (150 chars or more)

Still no logs :wink:

Anyway I was able to reproduce, will be fixed but don’t expect 150 chars, it will be classic 2 lines title.

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