MultiCD album subdivision in Yatse interface as in last Kodi versions


First of all, I have to say great work for this fantastic remote command.
I don’t know if it’s already implemented in Yatse or not… anyway: I’d like to get into multicd albums and find the node in which to choose among the different CDs of the release, as Disc1 and Disc2 for Pink Floyd - The Wall, or the different CDs of a Box Set. In Kodi (standard interface normally on TV or monitor) now it is implemented since release 20 or 21 (I’m not sure).
Is the same function already present for Yatse interface (maybe with a switch in Options) or is it going to be implemented?

Thanks in advance

Sorry no short term plans for that, for advanced music stuff you might want to check Symfonium my dedicated app for that.