Movie media information

Using latest Yatse and CoreElec and suddenly I am not able to see media information like quality/resolution (eg HD/1080p), codec (eg h265) or audio (eg5.1). I don’t know since which version, but those icons in the movie detail screen are missing now. How to re-enable those or is it a bug?

Logs? :slight_smile:

It’s at 99% CoreElec that no more sends the data or 1% they send bad data.

Oh ok, I thought it could be something like “yes click on that toggle button to enable it”…

Here is a log of starting app, enabling debug, going to movies, choosing one (shows details screen), going to another one, debug off


As predicted Kodi does not send any info. Usually playing the media once on Kodi or browsing the folder in file mode from GUI triggers the filling of those.
If none work then they broke something.

Interesting, I also checked on another Kodi and also with another Smartphone.
Result: On all Kodis in my network the same: The last 10 movies got no media infos, all the movies before them got the media data.

When I start a movie with not data, I got them immediately. Also if I navigate on the TV to the movie tile, go context menu -> show media information, then Yatse is also able to get media information.

I thought, when I have “Extract video information from files” enabled this should work automatically while scanning. Hm…

Anyway, at least it is not a bug of Yatse, but obviously of Kodi (can reproduce with 18.4 and 17.6).