Mouse on Paid Yatse not working

Be sure to read to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description: mouse doesnt work in kodi.
When i go to the mouse and try to use it. It jumps all over like there isno mouse and im hitting tab

Logs were generated a d it said sent to surpport not sure how to put them to message i assume they were sent

Logs not received, anyway this is normal this is not a mouse but a gesture pad.

What is a gesture pad?

A zone where you do gestures? :slight_smile: Wiki explains a little more.

But swipe left move left, double tap = back, press / swipe to repeat move actions, …

WOW I thought it was a mouse paid thats the main reason I bought it .
A Mouse pad would be a nice feature.
thanks for you help

Kodi API does not allow that properly.

And the gesture pad is fully free :wink:

Anyway Kodi is meant to be managed without a mouse so everything is faster without a mouse.
Furthermore Yatse allows to control every aspect of Kodi without using the remote screen in a faster way than trying to navigate with a remote on the Tv screen.

Don’t know what you want to achieve, but Yatse can do it faster than emulating a mouse :wink: