More views / categories for Kodi-Music

Hi! Currently, there are a couple of categories for Kodi Music, e.g. Album-view, Artist-view, Year-view, and so on. For me, three categories are missing, could you implement them?

  • Album Artist → Grouping by MP3 / FLAC tag “Album Artist” (like in Music Bee)
  • Publisher → Grouping by MP3 / FLAC tag “Publisher” (“Music Label”, like in Music Bee)
  • Decades → grouped by decade. That is, not every year separate, but for example “the 1980ies, containing everything from 1980 to 1989”, “the 1990ies, containing everything from 1990 to 1999”, and so on.

Thank you!

You can enable the filter album artist for point 1)

For the rest you can (and should) use smart filters to do any filtering and grouping you may want.

Hi! Filtering (=search) is not the same as group by (=view). Here’s two examples, how that looks in Music Bee:

I.e., if I for example have five compilations containing Various Artists, they have Artist A, B, C, … , Z in them. In Artist-View, I see the Artists A, B, C, …, Z. In Album Artist View, I see only one entry “Various Artists”. For the albums, that have only one artist (i.e. “101 Strings”), there’s also an entry in Album Artist View.

Have you tried to toggle that option to see what it does ?

I will try it and report back :slight_smile:

Ok, please correct me, if I’m wrong (it’s your product, after all :slight_smile: ). But my understanding is:

  1. the Albums list shows all the albums.
  2. The Artist list shows all the artists.
  3. There is no “Album Artist” list.
  4. I can use a smart filter, to for example only show certain albums or certain artists – useful, but doesn’t help me in this case.

What I’d like to have, is this list:

In a pane like this, but called “Album Artists”:

(=about 30 Album Artists instead of 1021 “Regular” Artists).

…that’s it.

Top right filter icon click the album artist only …

Gives exactly this.

If you have not that option then your Kodi is too old and does not provide the necessary info in it’s API.

Oh. Got it. Thank you! :slight_smile: