.MKV files not casting on chromecast

I have an issue regarding my .mkv movie files. I can’t cast them over my chromecast but it works if I play it only with Kodi… Is it because it is not compatible with Yaste ? (Any other file type like .mp4 is working fine for casting over chromecast)

No logs = no possible answers :slight_smile:

All I can tell is what is in the FAQ, Kodi does not transcode so your media needs to be compatible with the player (Chromecast)
Chromecast is a very limited device in what it support https://developers.google.com/cast/docs/media

There’s some cases where MKV works, but most of the time you can assume they won’t if you don’t know how they built.

This is not Yatse limitations but Chromecast and Kodi. You can use Emby or Plex as a server for those and Yatse will use their transcode capabilities to transform the media in something that Chromecast support.

Thanks for the reply, I will look forward to find an alternative for my mkv files.

There’s not a million options if it’s the format.

Either transcode on the fly with Emby/Plex that Yatse fully support. Or convert the media to a compatible format :frowning: