Missing TV channel icons in Yatsez

Hello, I’ve been using Yatse with Libreelec/Kodi Krypton without issues i.e TV shows the channel icons and these are sent to Yatse on my android phone.
I upgraded the Kodi install (Ubuntu server+Kodi standalone) with channel icons in /home/kodi/channelicons (in LE install was in /storage/channelicons)
Again frontend TV shows channel icons correctly but they are missing in Yatse.
I note in the FAQ the topic on “missing or incorrect images” which specifically addresses this issue at the start.
Could you give some guidance on how I can solve this as it’s clearly a permission/location issue? Thanks

You need to create a source in Kodi that contains that folder.

Many thanks. This worked, as I am sure you know.
Reading the Kodi docs again, it does hint at this but does not explicitly say what you have to do! Why?
Anyway, onto next problem with my MCE remote which no longer does ToggleDPMS (custom command in keymaps.xml) since upgrade - the Yatse app (custom command) on my phone DOES still work…