Missing PLAY ON MEDIA option

Why do I no longer see an option to simply Play on media center when casting media from my phone?

At one point, I did.
Now I have:

Queue on Media Center
Queue on XBMC

Why have these 2 when they do the same thing? Queue only helps if I’m already playing something else.


Current Yatsee
Current LIbreelec w/ Leia
Samsung Note8

Without logs and screenshot it’s quite impossible to tell.
95% chance you disabled the option in the settings.


  1. Queue on XBMC is not from Yatse
  2. Queue on Media Center does play when nothing is currently playing.

And current is not a version and means absolutely nothing in a world where there’s instant updates + many different channels with many different version active at the same time.

I got it. You saying the setting got disabled helped.
Both Queue options were from Yatse. They appear to be old imported settings that just kept getting used. I had imported some files from an old phone a year ago, and they must have stuck.
I deleted the app, reinstalled, and good to go. Play is back and the others are gone.


The word XBMC was fully removed from Yatse since like 3 years :slight_smile: So you’d have to have a really really old Yatse version installed.

Yeah. It’s crazy. I think it was the backup manager I used forced the settings. The app updates didn’t purge it. Glad to see my version of Yatsee back to its former glory. It was a simple as reinstalling.

Thanks again for keeping this going!