Missing input field when executing new search in YouTube

Hi forum
Hoping my English is good enough to make the issue clear. And I wont be surprised if this is just a kind of operating error. But while performing a “new search” within YouTube add-on, an input field within Kodi (estuary) pops up but not in Yatse most of the time.
If i get an input field it will not response. i.e I’ve got no search results.

I’ve tested this function in Kore remote app and similar android kodi-remote apps and everything works flawlessly. I can search, find and play YouTube content without any problem remotely, except with Yatse.
Sending an link out of Android’s YouTube app to Yatse playlist works flawlessly also. Just like performing an already existing search. These can be played without any problem. Only performing a “new search” seems to be impossible. It would be really nice if search function had any … function, just like in other remote apps.

Debugging within Yatse will not generate anything, maybe because nothing happens during and after I triggered a “new search”.

Kodi.log in debug mode is attached.
kodi.log (3.4 KB)

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yatse always generate logs without logs there’s nothing I can tell.

Probalbly you have disabled use event server in host settings, but I really need yatse logs and they are always generated, you can see them in the manage files in settings and just disabling the log will propose to zip and send them.

Hm … Dont know what’s wrong with this tablet. Event server is enabled but I deleted an older log the day before and now, for whatever reason, the device seems to be incapable to generate a new one.
I did the procedure on an other tablet and got the attached log.
debug-20200316_125246.zip (59.7 KB)

Thanks for your efforts.

But on this one it works no? I see proper events and actions.

No, does not work either. As described above, no response after triggering a “new search” within Kodi’s YouTube add-on via Yatse.
This behavior is reproduceable. I’ve tested it on several android devices with up-to-date Kodi back-ends on raspberries and Intel-PCs.

Ok was able to reproduce on emulator, there’s a race condition, but it’s strange that you can trigger it always.

Anyway will be fixed for next release.

That’s right. Almost each time. Cool you’ve got it on your radar :smile: :+1:
Looking forward and regards