Missing colors in 11.0.0

After the upgrade to 11.0.0, the color coding of the UI has disappeared. This option was the original reason I chose to pay for Yatse - having close to 10 Kodi installations in the house (more or less a Raspberry Pi in every room), the colors are rather important to quickly show exactly which Kodi you’re remoting.

Please re-add this capability - I’m really annoyed by the new colors.

Join beta an option was already added.

For the record the changelog can be read before updating when you know you won’t like a change you can skip the update.

I joined the beta because of this…

Having the play buttons (e.g. if you click on an episode) also in the host color, would be very helpful too.

I have the same issue, if I switch between multiple Kodi’s, the colors were very helpful to not play the movie on the wrong device (e.g. blue play button is always living room :wink: )

Great to hear that a solution is on the way. This will ensure that I’ll continue to be a happy Yatse user. :slight_smile: