Migrating old licenses to PayPal for microg lineageOS

Issue description: I have bought a new phone and installed lineageos for microg. Unfortunately the PlayStore worked better with my old phone 12. Now the licence can not be restored on new phone. I already have bought the unlocker and the inApp.

Is there a way to use Yatse in LinageOS 19 for migrcoG? Or can I transfer my licence to some other model?

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Additional information:

Play Store licences are managed by Google, so you need to have a working Play Store for them to work.

There’s no migration possible.

I have bought this app now three times in total. I have never experienced such a problem with Android licence validation at any app. I think it is not fair to ask for a fourth time to buy this app and in the end even the paypal unlocker is not working. I am using an email app, but not the preinstalled standard app. So I doubt that this is recognized as “Android Standard Account” whatever this means…

I think it would be fair if you give me the paypal licence for free.

Just to be clear I have absolutely no obligation to provide license outside of Play Store…
I provide a solution to help people yet by doing that I risk a ban on Play Store for 100 users …

Now about PayPal you have the license it does not work because you did not have the account at the proper place but you want me to give you the exact same license for free? It will be what you already have I have no other solutions …

Add your email as OS account there’s quite a few threads on this forum that explains how.

No, I dont have the PP licence yet. But I bought a licence for my girlfriend some time ago which is also not working.

And why not making yatse a paid app while releasing a free app for playing around?