Migrate current playlist via API

when playing music, if I switch from one chomecast audio to another I have a popup with the playback control option.
is it possible to be able to save the setting as default so i dont have the popup all the time.
specially when i use a voice command with tasker and autovoice the casting device change perfectly but the playlist that was playing stop. will it be possible to migrate the playlist automatically to the new casting device.
Thank you for your help

So your request is that tasker API does allow to migrate the playlist, this is completely unrelated to that dialog.

What API end point do you use? (And do you use the Tasker plugin).

thank you for your reply.
Basically when I use yatse to play music and I decide to change the casting device, I always get the playback control popup. I would like if possible to have an option in advanced settings so this popup doesnt show up anymore and the media and playlist automatically moved to the new casting device.
and in tasker i have a comand to select a renderer and when i use the command while a media is playing , it’s going to stop the media and but still connect to the streaming device.
I dont now if thats related but I was thinking that if there is an option to switch automattically the media and playlist from one casting device to another automatically, it would solved the problem.
thanks for your help

Can you please answer the simple questions asked :slight_smile:

What API end point do you use? (And do you use the Tasker plugin).

I won’t add an option to save that dialog as it’s just 1 click, but I can add support for playlist migration for the API, but you need to answer and read what I ask :wink:

i don’t know what is the api endpoint.
Yes I use the tasker plugin to send a command to change the renderer.
and the command works fine except the playlist is not migrating.

Next version will have a new field to configure if you want to migrate or not the media and playlist.

thank you for everything. this app keeps getting better.