Metadata replaced by files fingerprints

Issue description:
After some times (weeks or months), part of music metadata (song title, song number) disappears and is replaced by a hexadecimal number (looks to be MD5).

At this moment, I have not enabled logs because of not being able to reproduce the issue effectively, but it has occurred several (2 or 3) times this last year.

I wonder it is linked to my smartphone (Xiaomi redmi note 5, Android 8 & 9) because I did not notice such problem with my previous Google Nexus 5. Perhaps linked to the Xiaomi cleaning process?

Until now, The files were downloaded from a remote Kodi server (OSMC). I have just copied files from a hard drive and I will look at if this problem is reproduced.

Has such issue already been observed?

Not at this moment, I just enabled them but I don’t know how long time the issue will reappear.

Screenshots: none

Additional information: let me know if you need anything else.

Without logs can’t tell anything :slight_smile:

And replaced where?

It’s replaced in Yatse directly, the song title looks to be a MD5 fingerprint.

I’ll try to get some logs if the problem is reproduced soon.

You mean in Yatse library mode when in Local Device mode?

If it’s the case you have something that touches and break your Android Media Store, the data displayed here is the data your OS sends. When Yatse downloads media it add them in that Store but never update them.

Yes, I’m in this case, you’re right.

Ok, I’ll see if copying music directly from an USB drive (instead of DL from remote Kodi) changes anything. I’ll update this post if any news.