Menu Count of Media

In the latest release notes you mentioned:

“Removed counts from left menu for performance improvements. You can still enable counts for lists in the settings.”

I really want to have the counts in the menu back (I don’t care about the performance, it was already perfect). But I cannot find the setting to re-enable it. :frowning:

May I ask you how the setting is called ? :slight_smile:

Best regards

You can’t enable them back, the option is to have counts in each lists.

Really? Oh man, I really liked that “feature” to see the number of movies, TV shows and episodes at one place. And simply I was used to it…
Why not just turning it on/off via setting option?
How to see the sum of episodes now?

In General: I like Yatse and seeing you working hard to improve it is great. On the other hand seeing you to remove features feels weird. I also liked the individual color for each host. But you removed this also some time ago. This feels a bit like getting a global driver licence and at a time the government says that I am no longer allowed to drive driver faster than 100 on the Autobahn or drive at all in some countries. I guess you know what I mean :wink:

Well this is not feature, this is small design changes.

The counts are still visible on each list with the proper option, having the counts in the left menu brings nearly nothing useful and the performance impact was high. Give me one real use case of the need of global episode count seeing everywhere everytime?

I did not remove individual colors for each hosts at all, a small part of the header no more use that color that’s all, and that header was reduced in size to give more places for the favorites in left menu and future playlist support.

People always have problems to adapt to small changes, but in the end, the gains are always way over the problem to adapt for 99,999% of users. There’s no changes made at random or without reasons.

Yatse still have many many many more things than any others and is still 100% user driven, some users just still have problem understanding that there’s more people than just them :wink:

im very sad to see this go as well i even created an account just to voice this

The counts are still visible on each list with the proper option, having the counts in the left menu brings nearly nothing useful and the performance impact was high.

Well for some people are “small design changes” more important than some other great features. I really love seeing how many movies, tv shows/eposides etc I have at first glance (like for player the damage meter in video games or the numbers for collectors).

And, as mentioned, performance is no deal at all. Yatse is not starting noticeable faster since last update(s). Even my smartphone is 5 years old.

In addition the menu now looks a bit boring…
However it doesn’t matter how many arguments I present here. At the end it is your choice of bringing back the “small design change” or not (could be off by default and on via setting of course -> so first experience is as right now). :slight_smile:

Speed is not only about starting, and this is not a fighting game, and no collectors do not have their numbers in big and look at them more than their collection :wink:

They look at their collection and open excel to see the counts from time to time to follow it.

Only true thing is that yes the menu is more boring, but the gains are more important.

Next version will have a way to see the counts as requested by some other for real needs :wink: But counts in left menu won’t come back.

Speed is not only about starting, and this is not a fighting game, and no collectors do not have their numbers in big and look at them more than their collection :wink:

That were just examples to imagine what the counts means for me (and maybe others)… Because I like to see how many movies etc. I own.

But counts in left menu won’t come back.


Actually I can’t imagine and you have not given any argument :slight_smile:

Let’s say you are a crazy collector and that count matters most than collection and you need to see them always. You are then 1% of the collectors that are 1% of the Yatse users.

So you want something that 99,99% do not need. There’s not a lot to imagine about that, you are the exception, there will be a way to see counts, but not always visible in the left menu there’s no real need for that.

Maybe you can not imagine, but there are many people out there who collect things and who are happy if they see their numbers only. If you collect things like post stamps or retro console games it feels great for you to see that you have a comfortable counter that tells you how many SNES games or post stamps from FR you own. I know a lot of platforms where people just collect and are more interested in their numbers as in their collection itself. So the people can boast with those numbers or they are proud of it. So, I would bet that also many people just try to get every single movie on this planet, put it in their collection, without planning to watch all those movies. Just to see the numbers in one screen :slight_smile:

Actually it doesn’t matter. If you don’t see the point or you feel not comfortable, it is fine. Thanks for your time, you are doing a good job anyway, overall :wink:

Maybe another idea (maybe we need a new topic for the idea, but maybe you also see directly no point for this…):
How about one screen to display all the facts about the user’s “collection” (how many movies etc.). This page could also have a scan-media-library button and maybe shows its current progress of scanning - then we could see how long it takes until Yatse finished its scanning/syncing.

So you really don’t read :wink:

Your explanation match 0,001% of the users.

I have already said that there will be a page with all the database numbers… Because yes even for the 1% collectors I do add stuff that don’t impact all users, but I won’t impact all users for 0,001% of users.

this is a perfectly acceptable solution for me being able to access numbers like total episode count ect is all i need and a separate page is just fine

I really did read.
I just have another opinion and think that those users are more than you think :wink:
But it is fine, I am looking forward to see such a screen! :slight_smile:

Come on, you asked for something I already said would be here and explained me exactly what I wrote the post before :wink:

We are not talking about opinions but numbers, 6 contacts about that change, 3 just have not read the changelog, and 2 of the others agreed the need was just the raw numbers accessible. Leaving just you wanting it in left menu.

That’s actually way way way way way way below 0,01% :wink: Most design changes triggers a lot more reactions than this one.

Sometimes people write things that other people not exactly understand (room for interpretation). That’s all.

Cmon let my opinion :slight_smile: In the real world, most people never star an App or even visit its forum and write feedback. They just take the updates and accept it. This is like arguing with a woman - you can do whatever you want, but at the end you have to accept :wink: So most people just accept changes, even they are not happy.

I would bet that way more than 0,1% of people would turn on again this “counts in menu”, if you would open a dialog on next Yatse-update, where users can choose: on/off. Even this is a unorthodox approach (you should not do it of course), I would assume many people would tun it on again :wink:

You can’t stop can you? :slight_smile:

I do Yatse since 8 years, I know exactly how people contact me, why and when :wink: I know you want to know better and everything, but numbers don’t lies.

You cannot either :slight_smile:

I am not talking about the people who contacting you. I am talking about all the people (80%+) who are just using Yatse. My wife and girl would never think about contacting an App developer. They just use the App and they are sad if their App is changed in a bad way. But they just accept the changes or drop the App and get another similar App.

So, if you really want to know if your users are sad/happy if you remove something, you would need to ask them, which is mostly not that easy and a lot of work.
Without asking most of Yatse users, your “0.01%” or even “0.001%” is just a random number, based on a very little amount of feedback and your opinion.

But as mentioned, I respect this and also your work. You are in the position to make this decisions and this is fine, because someone needs to do it. And I am also happy that you want to create this “count page”.
I just hated the fact that you tell that I am the only person on earth who liked this “feature”…

Yes I continue because you are on my forum and I always hope that at some point people can understand and learn things.

So as said I do Yatse since 8 years with enough users and changes to know how things happens.

When a change triggers 100 mails and 100 ratings it’s significant.
When a change triggers only 6 mails with 3 apologizing for not reading changelog and 0 rating then it’s not.
Specially when 2/3 of the rest agree that the need was not the menu but aproved my solution. One of them on this thread.

This leaves 1 single person thst have still not given a valid reason to have those numbers in the menu except I want that because I’m used to it.

Those are real numbers that don’t liea and not out of your imagination to try to make your need more important.

If you took time to properly read and understand instead of blindly repeating the same thing maybe you’d understand :wink:

Ok, my last comment here, because I think we discuss a lil bit off-topic and we would just continue to talk about apples and pears :slight_smile:
(because I do not try to make my need any longer important, not since you told me that we will get a numbers-screen => everything I wanted)

Anyway, if you believe you know a lot, trust me, you will know more in 5 years :slight_smile:

At last one thing I learned like 10 years ago: It is not enough to just listen to the people who are yelling (otherwise Microsoft had never changed their menubar in their office products ~2007+). However, you would be surprised how the majorities of your users would choose, when you asked every single one.

You are really amazing :slight_smile: And still have no idea how I built Yatse based 100% on user feedback :wink:

The number screen was validated and told to you before you even asked :wink: Do you think changes by Microsoft are made at random? Do you still have not understood that you are the one yelling and yet I do not listen to you exactly because I know all of that and handle things properly? So that you are proving my point with this “last” comment?

And I was dealing with users adaptation to major changes probably before you were born, even if not on the dev side but thanks for your “advice”.