Mark as watched offline


If possible, could you implement the Mark as watched button when Yatse is offline?
If I open Yatse out of sync, with some episodes offline already watched on Kodi, they always show up.


Not very clear description.

But toggling watched status rely on the server validating the request to ensure consistency.

OK, and some time ago, after watching a video with VLC, it was marked watched automatically. Even offline.
It doesn’t work anymore?

This have not changed no. Verify your settings.

What settings should be set then ?

I’ve just reset app cache & data for VLC & Yatse on my phone, and still have the issue.
Settings are all default for both apps, I only configured the connection to Kodi + set VLC as player.

Also, no resume point is saved if VLC exits before the video ends. Might be the same issue.
It’s like Yatse get no information from VLC ?

Here are my logs, when playing a downloaded video, and streaming another video.

---- Technical details, please do not remove ----
Yatse: 11.5.0-21108270 [true/0/68/126]
Android: 13 - 33 [arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]
Device: OPPO - CPH2145 [CPH2145EEA - OP4F1BL1] (10.9 KB)

StreamActivity: Got a result without any data

Your VLC is probably outdated.

They only fixed recently returning data on Android 13.

Mayne it’s only on their beta versions.

i can confirm the same problem
i use smart sync to download episodes automatically
when they are watched they get marked on the phone … but the moment i connect to the server and sync they get marked as unwatched and the app downloads the same episodes again

yatse v11.5.5B2
my server is jellyfin v 10.8.10

Your issue have nothing in common.

Open you own issue and follow the template to provide the necessary logs.