Make Unwatched Items Available Offline



Love the app! An option I would love to see would be to sync unwatched items from the video library (so unwatched items are always available in Yatse and the watched status is synced back to Kodi when connected). I spend a lot of time travelling for work and often forget to manually make new items available offline, so to be able to keep unwatched items in sync automatically would be ideal.




8.6.0 will implement smart sync to support such things for shows :slight_smile:


This option is amazing.
Could you implement one more thing: possibility to put watched items even offline.
Like this, we can make an item viewed at the next sync with kodi and it will be deleted automatically.
Thanks in advance.


If you watch it with Yatse then it’s automatically handled including resume point sync on reconnect.

If not then not possible sorry as the whole point is to use Yatse for the whole process to ensure smooth experience.