Make seeking work with Emby + Chromecast

I use Yatse in conjunction with Emby and Chromecast, and the only thing that’s annoying is the inability to seek using the progress bar.
Yatse can jump to a specific position in an episode when using “Resume” - so would it be possible to just jump to a position when seeking on the progress bar using the same functionallity? Also in the episode information popup you see the total length of the episode, but in the playyback information when viewing on chromecast (I mean the same ui element that contains the progress bar), perhaps it’s possible to just use that length value when it is not otherwise available (in case it is essential for using the progress bar).

Bump, not being able to seek movies from Emby while chromecasting is very limiting. Is it planned to add support for that?

You can seek depending on the kind of transcoding made :frowning:

If it’s not closed then it’s still on the todo, but not high priority as quite minor.

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