Make Kodi Music-Genres clickable

Hi! It is possible, to click on a tag when looking at the details of a movie. Then, the corresponding tag-page is opened. Could you please also implement that for music? i.e., if I click on the (i) of an album, I get also a list of genres contained in that album. It would be cool to be able to click on such a genre and see all the other albums containing that genre (Same would be nice for Album Artist, Year and Label).

Thank you!

Sorry no plans for that, this would make navigation very complicated as from a dialog that will change in the future.

You know, that this has already been implemented for movies, right?

I do know but as said, this is a dialog that pops over.

Changing navigation from there is not intuitive and return path won’t lead to the dialog = bad.

There’s plan to no more need for a dialog that will allow more natural navigations.