Losing connection to kodi server

I’m on the latest version of Yatse on my phone and also on a chromebook. Occasionally/frequently yatse will lose connection to the kodi server. When this happens I notice that the IP address in the host settings has changed to a mac address. When this happens, other yatse installs work fine, as does a web interface. So the server is fine - it’s yatse. And if I turn the mac address back into an ip address, it’s fine. The kodi server has been given a fixed ip address on the router so it’s always Can I fix the host ip address in yatse so that it remains as an ip address and never turns into a mac address, as I think that would fix this problem.

As the template says : https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote ? :slight_smile:

Yatse can’t put a mac in the IP field unless Kodi zeroconf give that as an IP and then Kodi is seriously broken :wink:
In all cases if you skip the auto detection and only enter the fixed after then Yatse will never try to reconnect.