Long press enter in PVR not opening channellist

Hi! It’s me again… With a new request… But maybe the option is allready there but I cannot find it…

I’m using an nvidia shield using Kodi with PVR.

When I’m watching TV and long press the enter button on the shield remote it opens a channellist. But using Yatse, with a long press it shows me the signal quality wich I don’t care… I like the same behavior as with the original remote so it opens the same channellist.

Is this something I can configure this way??

Cheers and happy new year,

You need to check the shield remote mapping and ensure it’s the same for XBox mapping as it’s the one used.

I didn’t change anything so its known behavior I think.

It is the same using my keyboard.

So when I am watching television and long press the enter button, it opens up the channellist.

But using Yatse, it’s doing something different.

Known behavior means nothing it depends on Kodi version, add-ons, …

Furthermore as said it all depends on the key map configuration, it’s also highly possible that they are different on Kodi side.

Apps / remote send key codes, what is done after to convert that code to action depending on Kodi screens happens on Kodi side.

Provide logs and your key maps.