Local device media center does not support long format dates and cover images for music

An album with a date field of eg 2018-05-18 shows up as not having a date. Only dates formatted eg 2018 work.

Albums in a folder with a cover image called folder.jpg do not show up with a cover in yatse.

Sorting by “last played” or “date added” does not work for “local device” without kodi backend either.

Tons of different unrelated things here :slight_smile:

  1. Yatse displays the date that is sent by Kodi they only send an int as a date, so the issue is probably on their side.

  2. I suppose you are using file mode and not library mode, this is a known Kodi bug. In library mode Yatse display the thumbs that Kodi sends in all cases Yatse never directly check for folder.jpg things as it does not have access.

  3. Last played is not a property of Android media store. For date added it should work I’ll check again.

In all cases:

I’m talking about the feature of yatse that reads the data from local storage (like phone’s SD card). No kodi involved. @Tolriq

Well that does not changes much :slight_smile:

Yatse does not scan your music it reads Android Media Store. So seems Android does not support your dates nothing I can do for that.

For the cover it’s the same seems Android does not natively support that, I’ve added an hack that should work most of the time to read the covers when it can.

I’ve also fixed the date added, Android only support that for songs, I’ve rebuild the field for albums.

For last played as said Android does not support that so I can’t update Android to store it, and Yatse is currently made to only be a client and use the media center as the only source of trust for the data.