Local and Remote Host IP/Port


I have Yatse settings pointing to my remote address and port… that works fine cos most of the time my phone is not using WiFi even when I’m home… but it would be nice to have Yatse test an alternative local host and port first… that way if I am connected to my home wifi it could use the local (thus faster) host settings to sync my library rather than my remote host settings.

I used to have both addresses set up as different hosts but it was annoying having to sync everything twice and if i was away from home I couldn’t sync the local host anyway thus why i exclusively use my remote host address now… but of course it is slow to sync.


If using external IP is slower then it’s time to change your router or firewall :slight_smile:

Anyway adding this would be a non efficient, Yatse can work without the UI with notification, widgets and would test multiple IP most of the time for nothing using battery.

When having the 2 hosts added just select one of them as a master database to avoid duplicate syncs.