List episodes which are NOT available offline

Issue description:

I want to download all episodes of a show to my device. Intelligent sync only loads unwatched episodes. But I can select the whole series and click on download, then all episodes are put into the download queue and checked again, and only those missing will be downloaded again.

This can be a little inconvenient for a series with many episodes: in my case ca. 370 episodes are checked and only a handful were missing and are downloaded. The checking takes some time, too.

I would download the missing episodes manually, but it seems there is no way to list episodes which are NOT available offline, is there? There is the “available offline” filter which does the opposite, and neither intelligent filters nor intelligent playlist offer a filter regarding the offline status - or did I miss something?


No chocolate needed, only need a pointer to an existing option (if available) :wink:

The check should be fast it just check if the file is present or not.
All the global pre checks and everything would be the same for 1 or 200 episodes.

I have the feeling that it takes about half a second per episode, but for that I can provide logs.

I somehow managed to delete the whole series from the offline cache while trying to produce logs. :dizzy_face: Will report back once I re-downloaded the 370 eps…

Happy Easter :slight_smile: bla bla

Download finished… :sweat:

I triggered the same series again for download after that, and Yatse scanned through all the 370 episodes in about 25 seconds. So it seems my issue is a no-issue. Thanks for listering :slight_smile: