Limit number of files for Playlist-Smart Sync

I recently started organizing my Emby-Media in (large) playlists and was amazed to see that Yatse already supports syncing those playlists and the files in it. Thank you for that! However there is one small issue: Smart Sync for playlists seems to not have a “max number of files to sync” option like the smart sync for TV-Shows. Is it possible to add this so my phone could always download the next X unwatched episodes in my playlist for my morning commute.

Why don’t you directly use the smart sync on the shows as it’s supposed to be done ? :slight_smile:

Because there are more and more shows with an interconnected universe. Currently I’m watching “Arrow” with its seven other shows that are connected and regulary do crossovers. So I’ve created a playlist with all the episodes/shows in the (more or less) correct order. And I’m planning to do this for the Star Trek and Marvel Shows as well. So the easiest way for me would be to just SmartSync this playlist to always have the next X episodes ready.
I know this is probably a unusual use case and I’d survive without it. But maybe it is easy to implement with SmartSync already there?

It’s easy to implement for SmartPlaylists as playcounts are up to date from database in real time.
But for normal playlist it’s not the case as playcounts are not up to date so it would not work.

I don’t like the idea to have different behaviors for both as most users won’t understand.

Hmm, that is too bad - but if I don’t have watches/unwatched status in playlists it won’t help me anyway, because I couldn’t use the playlist to keep track of what I’ve already watched… So I guess I’ve to think of another solution… Thanks anyway